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share the INFINITE BEING you truly are .. with all of humanity.

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Tools for Happiness, Vitality, Success and Financial Freedom

Learn how to eliminate obstacles, worry and frustration, so that your hopes,
dreams and goals become a reality.


FENG SHUI ELEMENTS - This school of Feng Shui has created more MILLIONAIRES and Billionaires than all the other schools combined.







FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT - A "package of Feng Shui programs" designed for everyone's BENEFIT, even your children's and your grandchildren's.


FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION The only PROVEN self-help, self-study - do it at your own pace Feng Shui CERTIFICATION of its kind in the world.


Along with Feng Shui, Suzee Miller recommends the following educational programs to help you IMPROVE your Authenticity, Integrity, Vitality, Relationships, Finances, Joy and INNER PEACE:

Adventures of the SOUL. In this OUTSIDE THE BOX educational program, you get to decide if you LIVE once or many life times! If you decide it is many lifetimes - then you will learn priceless phenomena and tools that can help you uncover fears, blocks, ancestral problems, heal destructive emotional patterns, and how to use the POWER OF THOUGHT to set your SOUL Free.


Secrets of Meditation with Davidji Are you feeling stress, anxiety or overwhelm? Learn how to "quiet your mind" with emotional healing techniques so that you can awaken your AUTHENTIC self. Davidji is the lead instructor at the Chopra Center with over 250 guided meditations to his credit.


The Answer is YOU with Michael Beckwith If you are seeking SELF Discovery and Transformation this three part PBS course is for you. Michael is best known, worldwide, for his role in the SECRET and appearances on Oprah, Larry King Live and private conversations with the Dalai Lama.


Playing the MATRIX with Mike Dooley This six week VIDEO streaming course is nothing but MIRACULOUS. Mike will teach you in minutes how to set goals correctly so that you can manifest your visions and dreams. Why wait for what you really want in life when you can have it all ... now?


The Turning Point with Gregg Braden BIG SHIFTS ARE HAPPENING! Learn how to navigate the greatest shifts in Finances and Lifestyles that's taking place in the world, with Gregg Braden - a brilliant visionary. Capitalize on this "new" Earth energy for vibrant health, wealth and spirituality.