Feng Shui Master


Feng Shui Paradigms INTEGRATIVE (East/West) Feng Shui Programs are designed to RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS, so that people can live their HIGHEST POTENTIAL in the Environments they work and live in.

Suzee Miller has been active in Business, Feng Shui and Real Estate for over three decades. As a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Miller's accomplishments have been published in Who's Who In Business in California, and Who's Who of Women in Real Estate in the United States.

She is a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute, the Lotus Institute of Feng Shui, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai's Feng Shui Center of Excellence in Malaysia and Grand Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao Center of Thailand.

Suzee has authored more than three (3) dozen Feng Shui audio books and programs for Feng Shui practitioners, decorators, designers, stagers, space planners, REALTORS*, builders, Feng Shui enthusiasts and students worldwide. She also speaks at architectural, building and real estate conventions in and outside North America. In addition, she is a popular guest on Radio, Tele-Summits and TV and offers the only “self-study” Feng Shui Certification of its kind in the world.

Suzee Miller’s Unique Approach to Feng Shui Defies Reality and Even Feng Shui, Itself..!

Her educational programs integrate the environment, land, mind, science, spirit, art, solar cycles and metaphysics in a REVOLUTIONARY, yet "simple and easy" to understand format that

Her Educational Products are DIGITAL
They can be downloaded onto your computer, iPod, MP3 player, tablet or onto a smart device.

They are AUDIO (with print graphics) so that "busy" people and professionals, like yourself, can learn
On your own time – in your own space 24/7 while you work, exercise, travel and play.

Her Programs are Created with PERFECT FENG SHUI in Mind!
With NO seminars to attend, costly air flights and hotel rooms to pay for, weekends away - nor are there any hidden costs to incur.

Suzee Miller Teaches

Individuals how to communicate, negotiate, work, play, sleep, prosper and select "good" Feng Shui properties that are compatible with their Feng Shui element by honoring their "BEST" house, health and POWER directions, to increase the prospects of Peace, BALANCE, Harmonious Relations, WEALTH and Good Fortune in the home and workplace.

Suzee also offers the only SELF HELP – SELF STUDY - do it at your own pace
International Feng Shui Certification
only one of its kind in the world, with hundreds of SUCCESS testimonials.

This unique Feng Shui CERTIFICATION is "experiential" and can be done for educational purposes only, or for a Professional Designation in Feng Shui that.

BRANDS YOU A PRO in Your Field of Expertise!

"I am listening to your Feng Shui course, and it is wonderful. I have been a Feng Shui Consultant since May of 1999 through the Pyramid School, but I can't believe all the new things I am learning!"

Laleah Pierce, Feng Shui Consultant, FL

"Suzee Miller may not be Chinese but I am, and since learning how to Feng Shui my office in February of this year, I have increased my staff by 20 new people (now 70 employees strong). Also honoring my power directions at work and using her simple business system has enabled me to work smarter (4 days/wk) while tripling my company earnings in one year. Thanks to Suzee, my company is now branded for success."

Sherri Tong, CEO, Intergro

"Suzee presented two of her Feng Shui seminar topics at our WAR state convention. Close to 400 REALTORS® (with standing room only) attended each of her seminars. She was by far the hit of the convention; she literally had to be escorted by monitors to the restroom, as the agents swarmed all over her during the break. The information she presented was well-organized, informative, and unique. Not only that, she gracefully combined humor with logic and took a foreign topic and made it exciting and easy to comprehend. We highly recommend Suzee Miller and her programs on Feng Shui."

Steve Francks, Executive Vice President, Washington Association of REALTORS®

"I bought my Feng Shui Element download from you, changed my sleeping direction and now have more energy that I've had in 4 years. Your approach to Feng Shui is truly amazing!"

Jane Walder, Certified Public Accountant CA


Feng Shui is not about philosophy, astrology, superstition, religion nor is it an occult practice.

Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY, and how energy impacts our homes, offices and listings in either life empowering or life depleting ways.